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Updated: April 8, 2017


Aero Crew News is the only place a crewmember can read interview gouges directly from the person in charge of their interview, along with other up to date information provided by the airlines.  Additionally, Aero Crew News is the ultimate source for pilots to compare airline contract information.

Aero Crew News is perfect for the distinctive audience that you are looking for to advertise your distinguishing aviation product, career choice or aviation services.  Aero Crew News has been downloaded over 963,000*, times in over 139 countries since our inception in March of 2015.  That equates to over 1.52 Terabytes and roughly 40,000 downloads per month!  Additionally, our articles have been available for viewing online since October of 2016 and since then we have had over 84,000 visitors create over 7 million hits or roughly 37,000 per day!  This equates to over 5.3 million pages viewed or 28,000 per day!  Currently, we send out over 5,900 emails and reach over 68,000* people on social media every month!12-2015-cover2


Craig Pieper:   Editor in Chief

Scott Rehn:     CEO Aero Crew Solutions

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*Total downloads is total hits plus total 206 hits.  Total downloads by average file size is over 797,000.  Our Social Media Reach may include a person more than once depending on which group(s) each person has selected to be a member of.  Unfortunately there is no way to get an exact number without duplicate viewers at this time.

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