Marc Cervantes

Marc Cervantes
Marc Cervantes is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach graduate, having received his MBA in Aviation Finance as well as his BS in Aeronautical Science. Marc is currently a First Officer for a regional airline, having logged over 3,000 hours of flight time. In his spare time he volunteers on three separate MEC committees and has started up an organization dedicated to helping the younger generation of pilots network with current pilots. Their goal is to help pilots looking to join the regional airlines. For more information about Professional Pilots of Tomorrow visit

Sick Leave and Paid Time Off

Being confined to a metal tube for hours at a time, it should come to no surprise that crew-members occasionally become sick. Although pilots...

Reassigning a Pilot During a Trip

In the past two articles, bidding for a pilot’s monthly schedule was examined. Although pilots have set schedules each month, there may be times...

The Challenges of Commuting

Most airline pilots in the United States have the freedom to live in a city different than the pilot’s assigned domicile. While such opportunity...

Line Bidding

Last month the Preferential Bidding System, or PBS, was detailed to see how pilots bid their monthly schedules. Another system utilized, albeit less popular...

Preferential Bidding Systems

A pilot’s quality of life is heavily dependent on his or her schedule for the month. Variables such as days off, total month credit, and...

Calling in Fatigued

Pilots flying fatigued has become a major focal point for the FAA in recent years. As a result, new regulations have arised to help...

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