Max Wettstein

Max Wettstein
Max Wettstein is an Airbus 320 Captain at JetBlue Airways based in Long Beach, CA and has been a pilot for JetBlue for 14 years. Prior to JetBlue, Max was a pilot in the US Navy, for 10 years, flying E-2C Hawkeyes and King Airs. Max is also a fitness professional, appearing on the cover of Men’s Health and other fitness magazines over 20 times, is a published fitness author, consultant and Personal Trainer. Max currently runs a holistic health & travel fitness blog. Max was the initial fitness & health contributor for the pilot cadre at JetBlue for 5 years before corporate took over. As a longtime advocate of holistic health and longevity, Max has made a commitment to researching every occupational health hazards we pilots and aircrew face while flying the line, from long term sitting to jet lag, to radiation exposure. Max also specializes in designing quick, high-value, body weight-only workouts, that can be performed anywhere while on the road, even in your hotel room or the hotel stairwell. Max has the unique background of both airline travel life along with cutting edge fitness, and has learned how to make both work as synergistic careers and as his lifestyle. In his free time when Max isn’t flying the Airbus or on set of a fitness infomercial, Max is usually surfing with his family, skateboarding, or playing beach volleyball in Encinitas, CA.

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