Omni Air International

Omni Air International
Omni Air International is a privately owned and managed United States FAA Part 121 certificated air carrier entering its third decade of air transportation solutions. Omni provides worldwide passenger charter operations to a diverse customer base including tour operators, scheduled and charter airlines, cruise lines, corporations, sports teams, alumni groups, and global government agencies. Omni’s fleet consists of modern, fuel-efficient B777-200ER, B767-300ER, and B767-200ER aircraft. This uniquely capable fleet carries the highest payload and has modern cabin furnishings. High quality aircraft, customizable in-flight service, upgraded passenger amenities and superior customer service set Omni apart from the competition. The future is bright for Omni as demand for superior charter service continues to grow. A commitment to carefully controlled economic growth, building competitive advantage through operational excellence and thoughtful cost management allows the company to maintain its unprecedented reputation within the aviation industry.

Omni Air International

Omni Air International (OAI) is a FAA Part 121 operator that specializes in charter passenger transportation and operates a fleet of Boeing 767-200s, 767-300s,...

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