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Aero Crew News

OSA & BMI: Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Body Mass Index

I am not an AME or any kind of doctor. I am a fitness professional and advocate, as well as a commercial airline pilot. In...

Allegiant Hiring Update

One of Allegiant’s core values is innovation, and this has been demonstrated most recently in the integration of video interviews in the hiring process...

Flying The Guard

Let’s face it, obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot rating and complying with the new Federal Aviation Regulations 117 rules along with attaining a college...

October 2015

Download the full issue in PDF Here or view it at

The Regional Airline Concept

The stability of regional airlines has been brought under scrutiny each time there is a change in the operating relationship between one of the...

First 10 CommutAir CPP Pilots Awarded United Airlines Training Dates

CommutAir is proud to announce that their first 10 CPP Pilot have been awarded United Training Dates. Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Office, acknowledged this...

After an Accident

(The facts of the following story have been altered slightly to protect confidentiality.) I got a call from a pilot recently. We’ll call him Jeff. Jeff...

How to find your Budget Hotel

So you have decided that you want to get a passport and travel international, but you go on-line and become intimidated by hotel prices!! ...