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Craig, I just subscribed. Great tool for people looking at jobs for sure! Only thing is the company I work for is behind. There is no training contract, no Detroit base, etc... Thanks, DH DH, Thanks for your email. I have been in contact...
When Trans States Airlines began as Resort Air in 1982, it operated just a handful of Metro II aircraft and carried just under 7,000 passengers during its first year of operation—tourists, primarily, between its headquarters in St. Louis and...

January 2017

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Trip Credit

When a pilot flies a trip, they are issued a credit toward their “minimum monthly guarantee” based on how many hours were flown on that trip.  When the credits for the monthly trip totals exceed the number of hours...

March 2016

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After transport on four oversize trucks across 1,026 miles, flight simulators are beginning to arrive from Houston at the United Flight Training Center in Denver. Three full-flight simulators (FFSs) and two fixed training devices (FTDs) have completed the road trip...
Pilots flying fatigued has become a major focal point for the FAA in recent years. As a result, new regulations have arised to help combat fatigue flying. Airlines have absorbed the responsibility of their tired pilots, resulting in company-specific...
Air Choice One is pleased to announce that it has begun providing schedule air service for the Burlington Iowa area residents to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport from the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport as a new service.  This added service...

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