About Aero Crew News

History of Aero Crew News

Prior to being called Aero Crew News, this magazine started off as a simple newsletter called, The Regional Grid.  The Regional Grid ran from October 2015 to February 2015.  The main driving force behind this newsletter was to compare contract information for pilots.   This information was displayed in a grid format, hence the name.  This newsletter only focused on contracts and information pertaining to the regional airlines.  Our first issue had very limited information in the grid, but through social media we were able to gather individual contracts and grow ‘The Grid.’  We attracted new readers by adding various articles to our newsletter.  The Regional Grid ran for four months before we joined forces with Aero Crew Solutions.  February 2015 was the fifth and last issue of The Regional Grid.

Aero Crew News

Aero Crew News is a pilot-hiring magazine designed for pilots by pilots.  Every month we feature a mainline carrier, a regional carrier or a charter company.  Each feature includes information about each company and an interview gouge directly from the source, the interviewer.  Along with the Airline Premier, Aero Crew News also has various articles pertaining to the aviation industry, monthly updates on this constantly changing industry and a grid comparing over 30 different contractual aspects from over 33 different airlines and growing.  To subscribe to our monthly emailing simply go to www.AeroCrewNews.com and sign up.  Every month we will let you know when the latest issue is out.

Mission Statement

Aero Crew News is dedicated to providing a FREE pilot-hiring magazine for pilots looking for their dream career.  We provide monthly updates on the constantly changing and evolving aviation industry.  Aero Crew News is also dedicated to helping pilots achieve their highest potential and quality of life by allowing them to make educated choices on where they would like to work based on the information we provide to them.


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