Frank Girges

Frank Girges
Frank Girges served as a first officer with ExpressJet Airlines, based in Chicago flying the ERJ-145. Unlike many of his colleagues who always had flying embedded in their DNA, Frank’s decision to enter the profession was recent. He and his family immigrated to the United States from Egypt in 1995. Volunteering and networking at a young age allowed him to distinguish the uniqueness of becoming an airline pilot comparing it to other professions. He started his flying journey in January 2015 when he enrolled at a flight academy in his home city of Orlando, Florida. He obtained all flight certificates and ratings, and in 2018 relocated to Los Angeles for an opportunity as a certified flight instructor. He pursued that job for a year, primarily instructing private pilot students out of the Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), which at one time, was rated the busiest general aviation airport in the world. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have learned, taught, and flown in some of the most complex and busiest airspace in the world. As he continued to accumulate hours and wrap up his CFI chapter, he returned to Orlando and had the privilege of joining the ExpressJet Airlines family in March 2019. Within one year, in addition to his duties as first officer, he was given an opportunity to work with the company’s Recruiting Department, AP3 Program, New-Hire Pilot Mentor Committee, and serve as an EPIC Ambassador, meeting many people who have contributed to his success. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drastically affected our profession, ExpressJet Airlines ceased operations, October 1, 2020. Frank knows that although this profession is volatile, the airline industry is extremely resilient and he believe that the world will soon rebound stronger and in unity. Frank feels so fortunate to explore and receive additional opportunities outside aviation, adding to his credentials and diversifying his skills at just 25-years old. He sees himself back in on the flight deck very soon.

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