MedAire provides airlines with in-flight medical advice and support, at-destination crew support, aircraft medical kits, and train-the-trainer programs for in-flight medical events. Since 1985, MedAire has been a trusted provider of 24/7 in-flight medical advice and passenger fit-to-fly assessments; 24/7 security advice, information and contingency planning; crisis management services for medical needs after accidents or serious incidents, medical and security support for crew while on duty travel; medical kits and equipment; crew medical training; and pre-travel medical review of MEDIFs. In addition to the provision of services, MedAire is actively engaged in the Aerospace medical community. They provide their extensive insight on in-flight medical events based on their database of 430,000 cases. MedAire provides data analysis to regulators and airlines around the world, and publishes scientific papers and evidence-based recommendations.

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