Scott Rehn

Scott Rehn
Scott Rehn is the CEO of Aero Crew Solutions and Co-Founder of Aero Crew News. Scott began his flying career at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Aviation. While in school, he flight instructed to gain the hours necessary to obtain an internship at Atlantic Southeast Airlines and American Airlines. His role as an intern involved working in the training department and dispatch center. Scott was offered a job at ASA before graduating and flew the EMB-120 and CRJ-200. Scott has flown the MD-88/90 and is currently flying the 717. Scott has conducted numerous career seminars for the Air Line Pilot Association (ALPA), International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), Women In Aviation (WAI) and National Gay Pilot Association (NGPA). He has also consulted for various regional and major airlines hiring teams. He is respected in the aviation for his honesty and character. Scott only wants the best for his clients and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. When not flying, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to new places and hanging out at the lake.

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