Air Wisconsin Launches Airmen Training Program


airwisconsinAir Wisconsin is offering not an internship, but the chance to become a part- time employee to those with the goal of becoming a professional Airline Pilot. Unlike other pathway pro- grams which are designed as internships, at Air Wisconsin you will enjoy the unique benefits of this position immediately!

This position has been designed to help you make a smooth transition from the classroom to the cockpit from any location. With a reputable foundation and history, Air Wisconsin Airlines partners with American Airlines and continues to provide a solid and dependable partnership operating as American Eagle.

With a grounded focus on quality of life and high performing pilots, Air Wisconsin Airlines strives to deliver quality programs that will enhance our future pilots with focus on Safety, Superior Service and Smart Choices.

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Airman Trainee Job Duties

Between the 1st and 10th of each month, you will complete a company check-in. The check-in involves :

Update Air Wisconsin’s on-line Pilot Hours Calculator with the most recent flight hours.

You will make phone contact with an Air Wisconsin designated representative to discuss the completed calculator results.

Between the 15th and 25th of each month, participate in an Air Wisconsin distance learning module

Must comply with the terms of the Airman Trainee Program Agreement.


Must be at least 19 years of age and not over 65 years of age

Must possess a Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating

Must have a First Class Medical dated within the last 12 months

Must have 500 hours unless from a partner school or university

Must be legally eligible to work in the US

Must be able to read, speak, and understand English

Must have a valid Driver’s License

Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent

May not have any DUI/D WI convictions within the previous 10 years

Must have strong interpersonal skills

Benefits Include:

Bi-monthly paychecks

Travel privileges with our partner, American Airlines and dozens of other airlines

401K with company match

Salaried bonus payouts

In-house CTP Course

Mentoring opportunities from current pilots & management staff

Must be able to complete and pass a background check, drug screen, and fingerprinting


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