Don’t Leave Your Longevity Behind—Bring it With You to GoJet Airlines

Current 121 pilots can carry over longevity from other carriers at a rate of 1:1

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Ready for a change, but reluctant to walk away from the longevity that you’ve accumulated at your current carrier?  Bring your longevity with you to GoJet.  GoJet allows current 121 pilots to carry over their longevity at a rate of 1:1.  For example, a pilot with two years of longevity at another carrier would start at GoJet with two years of longevity.  Pilots taking advantage of longevity carry over can also earn up to 6 months early seniority by coming to two days of Indoc training, receiving a seniority number, and then being placed on personal leave for a maximum of 180 days.

All new hire pilots are eligible for a $12,000 signing bonus.  Current and qualified 121 pilots are eligible for an additional $3,000 training bonus.  Additionally, GoJet’s Pathway Program with Airbus operator Spirit Airlines guarantees participating pilots a job at Spirit in as little as two years.

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SOURCEAero Crew News, October 2017
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GoJet Airlines
When GoJet Airlines was launched 2005, we served just five destinations and had a fleet of only five Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft in service for United Airlines.  Today GoJet serves over 4 million passengers annually, with more than 240 daily flights providing service to over 60 destinations.  We now provide  service for both United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, and our fleet of five aircraft has grown to 47 CRJ700s, with 7 CRJ900s.  GoJet has a reputation for excellence in the regional aviation industry, which is evident in the rapid growth we've enjoyed since our inception.  From day one, we've demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing safe, reliable and on-time air transportation, and to delivering the highest standards in professionalism and customer service. Even though we've grown, we've remained committed to the ideals upon which we were founded, and each day is a new opportunity to provide a superior travel experience for all of our passengers.  We look forward to welcoming you onboard!


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