First 10 CommutAir CPP Pilots Awarded United Airlines Training Dates


commutair-logo-2016-transparent-1CommutAir is proud to announce that their first 10 CPP Pilot have been awarded United Training Dates. Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Office, acknowledged this accomplishment by saying, ““Today we say goodbye to a group of excellent aviators, with between 4 and 23 years of service, as they plan their move to United.” He continued, “CommutAir’s mission is to provide the best work environment for our CommutAir career-builders as well as our United spring-boarders, and we look forward to the CPP creating the same opportunities for many more CommutAir pilots, as we continue our quest to becoming the highest growing and preferred United Express partner.”

Captain Bommarito summarized his experience by saying, ““There were many positive reasons why I chose to join CommutAir 4 years ago. However, when the Company announced the addition of 40 jets and the CPP with United that just added icing on the cake. With the rapid growth underway those joining behind me with the right qualifications can look forward to not only a great place to work with solid benefits and pay, but also having the real opportunity to progress to the next level of their career.”

Experiencing extraordinary growth, CommutAir his hiring pilots for additional 40 ERJ jets.  The CPP is just one of many initiatives in a very competitive package of quality of life, compensation and career opportunities. To find out more, please call us at (440) 779-4588 ext. 399 or email us at



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