GoJets To Keep Just 34% of Pilots


Earlier today Aero Crew News received information that GoJets may only keep up to 34% of their pilots on property. GoJets released an email to all pilots on property which stated the following:

  • “Approximately 200 pilots will remain on property full time and fly according to the CBA (no reduced MMG)
    • These are pilots who would be above the furlough line
  • Approximately 200 pilots (100-200) will remain on property with a zero-hour guarantee (ZHG)
    • These are pilots who would have otherwise been furloughed per section 17 of the CBA
    • We are anticipating this will be relatively short term (return by the end of 2020)
  • Remaining pilots (approx 188) will be involuntarily furloughed
    • At this time it is unclear on the length of furlough for this group”

Source: Company email


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