King Customers Benefit from Tom Keller’s Technology Leadership


Learning pilots using King Schools’ courses have had greatly increased access to learning due to the inspiration and management of Tom Keller of San Diego, California who has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at King Schools. 

CEO & Co-Owner of King Schools, Barry Knuttila explained, “Tom came to us in early 2005 to run our Internal Technology (IT) department. I knew he would be a star player but could only dream that he would contribute his talents to King Schools and most importantly, to the success of our customers for more than 15 years. After coming on board, Tom’s responsibilities have grown to include software development, software quality assurance and technical support. Based on his great success in these roles, Tom was promoted ultimately to the role of Vice President and now also CTO.” 

Barry continued, “Over the years Tom has ensured our that customers benefit from the latest technology, from online product ordering through delivery and the associated pilot learning courses and apps that have made our customers successful in achieving their goals. Tom has supervised many large projects including Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI) compliance, new product delivery frameworks, reporting capabilities and upgrades to critical infrastructure such as video streaming services, network security, and many more projects without which, we would not have been able to maintain our top position in the industry.” 

John King, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of King Schools, said, “When COVID-19 hit Tom’s team took just a few days to seamlessly change our entire company infrastructure to support a virtual work-from-home environment. This rapid response has allowed us to be remarkably productive and responsive to our customers in these challenging times.”  

Martha King, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of King Schools, continued, “King Schools is investing heavily in expanding our technological capabilities to grow our business and serve our customers. Tom’s organization is expanding with many exciting products in development that pilots, instructors, and aviation mechanics will love. Tom’s work to bring these new initiatives to market is a critical part of ensuring the long-term growth of King Schools and will benefit our customers for years to come.”   

SOURCEAero Crew News, January 2021
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