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Air Wisconsin’s United Career Path Program Has Launched

Image courtesy of Air Wisconsin


Air Wisconsin is excited to extend a heartfelt congratulations to IAD Captain Michael Livorsi and ORD Captain John Luetke, both of whom are on their way to United Airlines. These exemplary airman are the company’s first two pilots to use the Career Path Program(CPP) to secure their position with United. More Air Wisconsin pilots are expected to transition this year as United continues their hiring.

What is the Career Path Program?

Image courtesy of Air Wisconsin. ORD Captain John Luetke

The Career Path Program offers Air Wisconsin pilots direct access and guaranteed participation in the United Airlines hiring process, providing a direct path for career advancement.

How is the United Career Path Program different?

The Career Path Program is designed to ensure United Airlines and Air Wisconsin retain and promote the best and brightest pilots in the industry. Participation in the Career Pathway Program, unlike other flow programs, still allows pilots to follow the traditional hiring model to United Airlines without penalty.

Image courtesy of Air Wisconsin, IAD Captain Michael Livorski

Your Pathway to United Airlines

  • Apply to Air Wisconsin at airwis.com/careers
  • Guaranteed participation in the United Hiring Process
  • Upon successful completion of the United CPP interview, you must complete the required flight time for your direct transition to United Airlines

Learn more about our clearly defined path placing you on a direct route to the cockpit at United Airlines on the CPP page of our website at www.airwis.com/united_cpp


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