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Aero Crew News

Health Insurance: The Most Overlooked Compensation

Health insurance isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when job seeking, even though it is one of the largest single components...

November 2018

The November issue of Aero Crew News is again full of valuable and interesting information, especially relevant to you. Featured this month is Trans...

Jet Linx “Dares You To Tutu” For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the third consecutive year, Jet Linx has partnered with The Tutu Project to continue its heartfelt (and whimsical) approach to the fight against...

Letter to the Editor, November 2015

Craig, First, thank you for what you do…providing excellent information! I am new to Aero Crew and fairly new to the 121 environment. I spent 26...

United Pilots Vote to Ratify Contract Extension

United Airlines announced January 22nd that the company’s pilots have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a two-year contract extension. The agreement provides significant improvements for...

Flying Colours Receives Approval from European Aviation Safety Agency for ADS-B OUT Installation on...

With the mandatory equipping of ADS-B OUT for aircraft flying in controlled European air space only two years away, Flying Colours Corp. has secured...

Mortgage Interest Rate Myths

Last month we looked at how pilots can avoid some of the traditional mortgage pitfalls along the path to home ownership. Now let’s dispel...

Daybreak in Machu Picchu

It was six in the morning, the light from behind the mountains touched my cheekbones gently and the air was sharp, as if full...


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