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Aero Crew News

Republic Airways raises $415K at annual Plane Pull to grant wishes for terminally ill...

Simply put, it just keeps getting bigger and better. Last month, Republic Airways’ annual Pulling for Wishes Plane Pull , held April 23 at...

Should women travel solo?

Anyone, including women, can and should travel alone to international destinations.  I firmly believe this because I have traveled alone to many international cities...

Housing Prices Hit New Highs but Show Signs of Deceleration

According to the® monthly housing trend report for May 2018 , U.S. home prices hit an all-time high of $297,000 and sold faster...

Southern Airways Express

From humble beginnings as a Memphis-based “beach airline” to one of America’s fasted growing commuter carriers, Southern Airways Express has developed a route structure...

From Choppers to Commercial Jets: Insights from a former Blackhawk (UH-60L) Pilot

Now is the best time for rotor pilots to break into the airline world. Several Regional Airlines are offering their version of the Rotor...

September 2016

Download the full issue in PDF Here or view it at

New Bonus and Retention Program Puts Trans States Airlines Pilots Among the Highest Paid...

A new signing and retention bonus program has made Trans States Airlines pilots among the highest paid in the regional airline industry.  In addition to...

April 2015

Download the full issue in PDF Here or view it at


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