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Aero Crew News

Pilot Fitness

Hydration, Plastic and the Fit Flyer!

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact of consumption of certain products on a large scale?  The environmental footprint/resources/carbon of production, transportation/shipping,...

Commuting vs. Living at Base

Written By: Lori Lamb “Airline Pilot” sounds so fabulous and exciting. And it can be for the pilot and pilot family who living at base....

After an Accident – Part Two

Last month we discussed the incidents and accidents and what is reportable under NTSB 830. Many times pilots don’t realize that what they have...

Aviator Bulletins, September 2015

Recently, United launched United Ground Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Airlines, that will provide cost effective ground handling services at traditionally outsourced...

The Art and Science of an Airline Letter of Recommendation

Leonardo da Vinci was arguably one of the most prolific artists of the Renaissance era, but he was also a great innovator in science...

Boutique Air

Boutique air is a part 135 operator utilizing Pilatus PC-12 and Beechcraft King Air aircraft. Boutique Air started in 2007 as Shasta Flyers, a fire...


In the last article, we discussed the advent and development of the ASAP system for pilots to report operational issues encountered during routine and...

Reserve Rules

Being on reserve is no pilots dream job, but it is part of the process.  Reserve rules vary widely from airline to airline and...


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