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Aero Crew News

Moving Expenses

When considering total compensation packages for an airlines, the benefits must also be weighed as compensation; as many of the Contract Talk articles have...

What’s your daily NEAT?

NEAT, otherwise know as non-exercise activity thermogenesis is the amount of energy expended performing all daily tasks aside from sleeping, eating or sport-like/structured exercise. ...

How (And Why) To Put Your Financial Life On Autopilot

A quick note: the information below, most notably the apps and services, is meant to be educational and not specific advice to any individual. I’m...

Horizon Air offers Guaranteed Interview at Alaska Airlines and more…

Hiring continues at Horizon Air. We are running two classes per month with approximately 6-8 students per class. We now have a voluntary guaranteed...

Island Air Explorers Program Inspires Careers In Aviation

Are you or someone you know interested in exploring a career in the airline industry? If so, Island Air’s Explorers Program is the perfect...

Mesa Airlines is Soaring Through 2018

With only one month into 2018, Mesa Airlines has already signed partnerships with four Universities to their CFI Cadet Pipeline University Program. These four...

Mesa Airlines Reaches New Pilot Collective Bargaining Agreement

Mesa Airlines announced Wednesday that its pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), ratified a new four-year collective bargaining agreement. The...

You are More Than Just a Pilot

When we talk about success, what are we really talking about? What are the terms by which we define success, and how does it...


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