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Photo taken by Craig Pieper


I am proud and excited to announce that we are celebrating our twenty-fourth issue a.k.a. our second year anniversary!  Over the past two years Aero Crew News has been downloaded almost one million times!  (949,288 times, but hey who’s counting?)  As we approach that one millionth download mark, I reflect on where and how this magazine started and I would like to thank all of those that have contributed, helped out, offered their advise and read Aero Crew News over the past two years.  If it weren’t for every single one of you, we would not be where we are today.  I do know that some of our data in The Grid is not current and in this constantly evolving industry, it is very difficult to keep up.  Which is why we still need every single one of you to help us update The Grid.  If you notice an out-of-date item, please use one of our options to help us get this data up-to-date.  Visit aerocrewnews.com/updates/ to submit an update.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper

We gladly accept and encourage letters to the editor.  These letters will be reviewed and published at the sole discretion of the Editor.  Please limit your letters to the Editor to a maximum of 200 words.  You can email you letters to Craig.Pieper@AeroCrewSolutions.com.  Please include a city and state.  All questions emailed may or may not be published.  Aero Crew News assumes no liability for the information contained in letters to us that are published.


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