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Dear Readers,

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year! With every passing ball-drop, we are reminded of what we faced over the last year, what resolutions were accomplished and which ones we failed. I was never big on New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I’m making a few. But, I’m going to keep them to myself out fear of not following through. Eating crow is not a preferred dish. I am happy to report that I have received some much-awaited good news that puts one of my resolutions well into motion. I promise more to come on that story.

I am very pleased to announce one resolution (that truly became a goal) that has been accomplished – the launch of Aero Crew Marketing, another wing of the Aero Crew brand. Unique positioning within our niche has provided the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of flight crew personnel – a valuable service we can provide to those seeking marketing and recruitment solutions. If you click on this brief video, you’ll understand better than I can explain it here. For details and inquiries, we invite you to email Nate Racine: Nate.Racine@aerocrewsolutions.com.

The celebration of the New Year is a time to reflect on our good fortune, professionally and personally. I’m always grateful pleased to be a part of the growth of this publication. Month after month we strive to provide valuable information and to continue to improve. I wish to thank all those who contribute to our growth and success, and I look forward to another terrific year of Aero Crew News.

I am supremely excited to begin 2019 and I hope you are too! As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper


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