Letter from the Publisher

“The Calm Before the Storm, Oklahoma City Style” by Alan S.

Dear Readers,

Aero Crew News is proud to present the ACN-RAA 2021 Photo Contest top-15 finalists! Voting is now live. Please vote only once. (We are tracking you!) Follow this link, examine the photos and cast one vote for your favorite aviation weather photograph. https://rebrand.ly/ACN_RAA_Photo_Contest. You can also see all top-15 photos on pages 26-31 of our eMagazine. Fair warning, there are some really great shots and choosing one is not going to be easy but it will be enjoyable. 

As the publisher, I picked my favorite and use it here on my page. Unfortunately, no prize comes with my selection, but the photographer can claim some bragging rights. This photo was appropriately titled, “The Calm Before the Storm, Oklahoma City Style” by Alan S. If your photo didn’t make it into our top 15, don’t worry, we will still publish all 124 submitted photos within a massive collage (that is under construction). 

Thank you all for participating and always keep your cameras close! Remember, public voting takes place all month ending October 31, 2021. Votes cast during the month will determine the winners who will be contacted by email. Voting will be available at https://rebrand.ly/ACN_RAA_Photo_Contest . The complete official rules (if you’re interested) can be found at https://rebrand.ly/ACN-RAA-Rules

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper 



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