Letter from the Publisher


Dear readers,

With this issue, I am pleased to announce the new look for Aero Crew News. This redesign is owed to the talents of Jason Fouts, whom we enthusiastically welcome to our team as Layout and Graphics Designer. We are excited about the experience and expertise he will bring to our magazine. We think you’ll notice the fresh look is clean and energetic.

Jason began his graphic design career 11 years ago. He has had responsibility for the layouts of several magazines and publications throughout his career. Among his stellar credits are the 2012 tourism publication for Guatemala, and Atlantic City’s 2017 marketing campaign, DO AC. As a photographer, Jason has worked with Infiniti and BMW as events and automotive photographer.

Jason reports that his favorite view from a plane is the approach into Anchorage during summer, where the sun never quite sets but peeks from behind the range of volcanoes that span southward.

We invite your comments about our new look!

I wish everyone happy holidays and a prosperous and fulfilling new year.


Craig Pieper, Publisher


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