Fitness Gadgets Traveling Professionals Should Have


There is almost a gadget available for every situation. This means you shouldn’t have any excuse not to stay fit and healthy when traveling, especially now that there is a wide array of gadgets designed for professionals on the go. If you’ve already mastered the layover workout tips we laid out for you in Aero Crew News, you can complement them with the latest tech that can monitor nearly everything about your health. So, here are some gadgets you can invest in to stay fit and healthy while traveling: 

The Wireless Smart Glucometer

If you constantly worry about your glucose intake, Travel Away features a compact glucometer, which should be a staple in your luggage – The Wireless Smart Glucometer. This state-of-the-art, FDA-approved gadget was made by iHealth Lab Inc. and is one of the best tools to help you measure the glucose levels in your blood. The device displays the results on your smartphone, and is compatible with any Apple device. The accompanying app also allows you to save all of your past data so that you can share them with your doctor. The kit costs around $30 on Amazon and it comes with 10 testing strips, 10 lancets, a control solution, and a sleek and portable carry bag.

Pear Training Kit

Getting a good workout is much harder when you’re on the move, especially if you are used to a personal trainer helping you achieve your goals. The Pear Training Kit uses a wireless heart rate monitor around your chest to figure out a training plan based on personal goals. Professional coaches and athletes have put together hundreds of workouts, and will provide encouragement and feedback based on the data taken from the heart rate monitor. These workouts can be customized to be as short or as long as you need, making them ideal for those with little free time. Whether you want a quick cardio blast or to improve your strength in a hotel gym, the Pear Training Kit has something for you. 

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the perfect all around gadget, and is perhaps the fastest and most connected smartwatch now available. The watch is also proof that today’s fitness technologies are getting more sophisticated as it can track and record multiple health signs. Latest additions to the Apple Watch Series 4 include a high and low heart rate detection as well as fall detection with an SOS trigger, which means that you are statistically much safer when you wear it. In an article on the impact of technology in sports by Coral, it is explained how wearable technology that can monitor heart rate is able to notify the user of any irregularities that may have previously gone unnoticed. Maintaining your health is even more important when on the move. With a piece of tech that can tell you if something is wrong, you will know if you should go and see a doctor. This could be very useful if you start to feel unwell while traveling. 

With these gadgets, you can stay in tip-top shape no matter what you’re doing or where you are.


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