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What is CrossCheck Hub?

CrossCheck Hub is a data-driven, multi-service platform built on the cloud-based Salesforce platform. For the aviation industry, it is the first software as a service-based app that provides multiple functions built for the ccew member. Each service or “Hub” provides a set of functions within the CrossCheck Hub platform. The three Hubs at launch are Logbook Hub, Trip Hub, and Reward Hub.

Designed by pilots and built by experienced software engineers, the Hub offers many services that will benefit users of all experience levels. CrossCheck Hub was developed by Endeveran Corporation, a Salesforce Consulting company with a history of developing applications for numerous industries, including Cirrus Aircraft. Jim Casazza, the founder and CEO of Endeveran, began working on CrossCheck Hub when his son James, a first officer for a major U.S regional airline, expressed frustration with the lack of modern applications for flight crew and the aviation industry as a whole. He saw a problem, operations plagued by outdated and inefficient technology, and set out to create a solution. What started out as a simple pay sheet converter to verify the accuracy of James’ paychecks has developed into a sophisticated flight-logging system with astounding accuracy. Even more impressive is the fact that development only began in early 2020. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Jim and James several times in the past few weeks to learn about their product, and it took no time at all to see how dedicated they are at providing a one-stop shop for pilot services.

Logbook Hub

CrossCheck Hub first set out to tackle the issue of logging flight time. The goal was to simplify the logging process by requiring little action on the part of the user and greatly increasing the accuracy of the data. Jim and James aimed to create the most advanced and accurate logbook on the market. A major hurdle that normally prevents logbooks from achieving complete accuracy is a heavy reliance on users to enter data and define items. The more information a pilot enters manually, the greater the odds are of an entry error carrying forward until it is caught and resolved. CrossCheck Hub helps to solve this problem by focusing on automatic logging and information verification.

Push Notifications Are Received When Your Flight Gets Logged Automatically.

Uploading a current electronic logbook into the Hub’s logbook is quite simple. During the account set-up process, directions are provided describing the steps needed to export a logbook from its current format into CrossCheck Hub’s system. After uploading, you are given almost immediate feedback on the accuracy of your logbook as discrepancies are provided on entries where an error was detected. Did you accidentally add an additional letter to an aircraft’s tail number during your private training? You will receive a discrepancy alert indicating that the tail number you entered does not exist. Perhaps you logged cross-country time on a flight where the departure and destination airports are the same; you will be alerted to that discrepancy so that you can determine the correct entry. If utilizing the “Auto Pilot” feature for automatic flight logging, the system will also monitor your imported schedule and report when your flights have been logged successfully.  

At any point, you can utilize the Confidence Meter located on the Dashboard page, as an overall gauge of your logbook’s accuracy. As discrepancies are corrected and reconciled, the Confidence Meter’s value will increase. Anyone who has attempted to locate an entry error within their logbook will tell you how frustrating and time-consuming it can be. The benefits of utilizing a program that can review your entries and find the errors for you cannot be overstated. The Logbook Hub will save you time and effort as you upload your current experience and continue gaining additional flight time. Also found on the Dashboard page is a detailed breakdown of your flight time.

When CrossCheck Hub Helps You Fix Discrepencies, Your Confidence Meter Goes Up

After your logbook is uploaded into the Logbook Hub and all discrepancies are resolved, future flight logging becomes a breeze. Those pilots currently flying for part 121 airlines can utilize the Hub’s “Auto Pilot” feature, which requires a quick monthly upload of your work schedule. This feature allows this feature to go to work for you and log your flights as they are completed. When you create a profile in CrossCheck Hub, you can indicate your position with an airline (first officer or captain), instructing the Autopilot feature to log each flight as second in command or pilot in command. The Autopilot receives flight time, aircraft information, and route data from various sources whose information is all reported into a Department of Transportation database. A patented data-synchronization system (US10585877B1) verifies the data that have been automatically logged for accuracy and corrects any issues should different sources report different information. The Autopilot feature serves to take most of the legwork out of logging flight hours, as you will be able to see a flight entry only minutes after its completion. A user only needs to verify that the entry is logged correctly, and then enter data that the application cannot log, such as instrument approaches, number of takeoffs and landings as pilot flying, and any additional remarks. A user’s logbook data are stored in the cloud and can be accessed on all their devices.

Trip Hub

The Trip Hub is a feature that will benefit all pilots while on the road. Under the “Trip” tab, a pilot will see their schedule for the month, with color-coded entries signifying the type of schedule. Flights, deadheads, training assignments, and reserve periods are a few different categories that one may see on their schedule. Privacy matters are important to the Endeveran development team, so rather than requiring users to enter in their airline username and password, they have chosen to have users enter their schedules manually. One small drawback to this is that a schedule must be uploaded again if a change in flight assignment occurs. However, this is greatly outweighed by the benefits of maintaining your private login information.

View a Tailored Timeline Schedule along with Duty and Currency

The “Timeline” feature draws out your report time, flight details, time between flights, and release time. In addition, you can even see how much “leisure time” you have to spend at your overnight between your release time and the FAA’s required eight-hour uninterrupted sleep opportunity! On the right side of the timeline, you can see your scheduled Flight Duty Period for the day along with a live, actual Flight Duty Period. You can see your weekly and monthly duty limits as well. Typical currency tracking is included as well with how many takeoffs and landings you need to stay current. The Auto Pilot will also monitor your flight schedule for delays, cancellations, and will adjust your FDP/duty accordingly to help ensure your legality.

The “Co-Pilot” page under the “Trip” tab offers readily available information on overnight hotels and activities in the area. Based on your preferences, and overnight hotel/current location, food and activity recommendations will be displayed. 

Reward Hub

Another feature that will greatly benefit users is the “Reward Hub,” where a portion of membership revenue is redistributed as an incentive for using the applications. Users can earn different rewards by referring others to register an account and winning contests. A recent “Best Picture” contest winner had their photo incorporated into the Hub’s banner image. A planned future contest will allow users to earn points by completing activities within the Hubs for the chance to win a new Tesla vehicle!

Control Tower

The main purpose of the “Control Tower” is to act as a community for users. Control Tower serves as a central location for communicating with support staff as well as other CrossCheck Hub members. Control Tower consists of different groups where users can post suggestions to CrossCheck Hub, send comments to other users, and read about new releases and application features. The creators of CrossCheck Hub pride themselves on offering support in a timely manner and strive to respond within one to eight hours as they have recently introduced in-app guidance, chatbots, and emergency phone support. The Control Tower Hub also features a Help Center with a collection of material that users will find helpful when seeking guidance on utilizing a feature to its full potential. The Help Center offers numerous articles that detail everything from uploading a monthly work schedule to tips on properly maintaining your logbook.

Future Developments

As exciting as it was to speak with Jim and James about what they have created in only a year’s time, it was perhaps even more exciting to listen to them describe future plans for CrossCheck Hub. Our conversation regarding new developments and future iterations truly exposed their product’s potential to act as a platform that pilots can use for all aspects of their professional lives. Two new applications are currently in development and the team intends to have 14 total service hubs by this time next year. “Financial Hub” will focus on financial health and awareness by utilizing a set of services that help track expenses, offer personal budgeting and wealth management tools, and audit paychecks to ensure correct compensation. CrossCheck Hub recently partnered with a team from Equitable Advisors that will offer personalized services within the Financial Hub. A new “Career Hub” will assist pilots as they look for opportunities in the industry by listing applicable job postings and helping candidates create and edit résumés. Additional plans will expand upon hubs currently in existence to further their capabilities. 

As CrossCheck Hub develops further, it aims to create additional services and themes to support pilots who fly under Part 135 and Part 91 operations. While all the hubs offer value to any pilot, the team at Endeveran recognizes the need for additional tools that cater to pilots outside of the airline world. Stay tuned for more news from CrossCheck Hub regarding their future development as many details and partnerships are in the works that will be announced in the following months.

Submit and Close Support Tickets To Resolve Your Issues With Control Tower

Membership Information

A free 14-day trial of CrossCheck Hub is available for users that will allow limited access to the suite of apps. After the trial, a one-year membership will cost users $85 and provide full access to the hubs. The idea behind the pricing model is to only pay for hubs that benefit a user. After the first year of a membership, users will have the ability to opt into and out of new hubs as they see fit, to ensure they are only paying for services that they utilize. As an incentive to join CrossCheck Hub and see just how much it has to offer, a buy-back option is currently being offered to users who have accounts with competing products. Jim and James are so confident that users will benefit from their product that they will deduct your membership payment to a competing product from the cost of a CrossCheck Hub membership!

I believe the team at Endeveran has done a great job developing this suite of applications. They set out to create a program that would allow pilots to passively maintain their logbooks and have grown that idea into a platform that offers services which aid pilots in most aspects of their professional lives. Whether you are a student pilot, a commercial pilot building flight time, or an airline pilot, CrossCheck Hub offers a one-stop shop with many features that will save you time and money. As the hubs are further developed and additional services are added, I am confident that their membership will increase and that they will continue to positively impact the aviation industry.  

SOURCEAero Crew News, June 2021
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Justin Abrams is a first officer for a major US airline. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation with a minor in Security and Intelligence from the Ohio State University in 2015. In addition to his studies, Justin was involved in general aviation safety research and numerous student organizations. Before joining the airlines, he gained experience as a flight instructor and as a pilot for a Part 135 company. He holds CL-65 and A-320 type ratings. Throughout his career he has served as a pilot recruiter and interviewer, a New Hire Pilot Mentor, and as a volunteer for two ALPA committees.


  1. It looks like they finally got the apps out, at least on iOS. I downloaded it and wow, the automatic logging is a game changer! I literally get off the jet and a push notification gets delivered saying with all my aircraft and flight data. I am not sure how they are doing it but this is the true automatic logbook I have been wanting.

    Another important thing to note is that flight gets logged like, instantly. I made a remark on the flight and it instantly went over to my iPad, which was nice cause I am used to iCloud being super slow or even losing my data from time to time resulting in me having to rely the flight. After reading Justin’s article on making notes to improve airmanship, it is nice being able to take notes and have it synched instantly. Even the flight notes part is so advanced, it’s like a mini Google Docs editor or something, which is very useful.

    Still some bugs and little things, which I expected with a new app, but they addressed my cases and have been in touch with me every step of the way, so I have to give their support team a shout out because they have been world-class so far. I cannot wait to see what they are going to do in the future!


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