Choo Choo BBQ

Photo by: Melody Hood

If you’re like me, you love your barbeque and you will go well out of your way to find some that is really good. There’s just something about that smoky flavor that keeps me coming back for more.

I happen to be spending a lot of time in Chattanooga lately (not sure why 😉 ). I heard about this place from an incredibly reliable source, so I had to check it out.  As we pulled into the parking lot, we were hit with the smell, probably because there is a huge cast iron smoker in the rear of the building. Smoke was billowing from its chimney. You know it’s real barbeque when you see one of these.

Photo by: Melody Hood

I am who I am, and I love variety. I always order a plate with multiple items. So, I chose the pulled pork and the ribs, with sides of mac and cheese, cole slaw and potato logs. The tables are stocked with three types of homemade sauces; Hickory Smoked, Hot BBQ and Sweet Carolina.  Each sauce is distinctive and incredibly delicious.

Photo by: Melody Hood

The pulled pork was undeniably moist and smoky. Accompanied by the various sauces escalated the flavor, and mixing the Hickory Smoked and Hot BBQ sauce made for an amazing spicy, sweet sauce that further enhanced the smoky meat.

Photo by: Melody Hood

The ribs were exceptionally good — undoubtedly among my top ten (which says a lot). I am very picky about my ribs and these didn’t disappoint. The meat came right off the bone and was moist, smoky and tender, just like the pulled pork. Of the three sides, the potato logs were definitely my favorite. Basically, it’s a potato cut into wedges then deep-fried.

Regrettably, its location isn’t near downtown nor the airport, but it is well worth the $20 Uber ride.  So next time you are craving some BBQ in CHA, make sure to hit up Choo Choo Barbeque.


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