Ameriflight is Hiring Home Based Captains


ameriflight_logo1Ameriflight is excited to be hiring Home Based Captains into our type rated equipment, the BE1900, SA227, and E120.

A home based Captain would be hired and trained in a specific aircraft, then would travel to assignments and fly throughout the system.

Home based Captains will be paid at 40 units per week at the assigned equipment rate. Ameriflight will provide travel to and from assignments, as well as a per diem of $35/day while on assignment. Home based Captains will also be provided a hotel during off duty hours exceeding five hours in length.

Home based Captain assignments will typically be 18 days on-assignment and 12 days off-assignment. Days within both may be hard days or floating days and will be in compliance with Pt. 135 regulations.

amer_photoselects_15Apply online at!

To contact our recruiting team, email or call 972-426-3066.


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