CommutAir, a United Express® Carrier, Headed Paperless in the Flight Deck



Image courtesy of CommmutAir

CommutAir, a United Expresscarrier (UAL),began issuing pilots iPads to replace heavy paper-based flight kits for its cockpit crewmembers.

The implementation of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) is a part of CommutAir’s commitment to establishing modern technology infrastructure to sustain its rapid growth.  “Our monthly aircraft deliveries already make us the fastest growing U.S. Regional Airline.  Andwe want to make sure that we have the technology platform to sustain that growth” said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer.

The iPads-EFBs will replace roughly 40 pounds of conventional paper-based charts and manuals while providing a digitized interface to increase situational awareness in congested airspace and airport environments. “Digitizing manuals and charts is just the beginning,” says Radha Iyer, Chief Technology Officer. “We are gearing up for future phases that will include providing key real-time information, flight releases and all sorts of exciting enhancements.”


Through 2019, CommutAir will triple in size to an all-jet fleet of 61 Embraeraircraft and is actively hiring 400 pilots over the next two years. It’s industry-leading benefits include:

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