Letter from the Publisher

Photo Contributed by: United Airlines Multimedia Designer, Alicia Varga

Dear Readers,

Just a few weeks ago, Aero Crew Solutions (this publication’s parent company) visited United Airlines in their newly renovated Flight Training Center in Denver, Colorado. We were there to assist them with conducting their first-ever Pilot Career Expo.

United Airlines has on file over 8,000 applications and highly qualified applicants were invited to attend. This fact answers the number one question that I have received since United announced this Career Expo: How can I be invited?  Leadership, going above and beyond, education, flight time and contributing outside of the cockpit are a few of the areas that make an individual stand out and remain competitive in their process.

Over the years, Aero Crew News has published many articles on the topic of making your application stand out among others. I recommend you look through our archives and that you talk to those who can mentor you in the process. It’s no surprise that, in all aspects of life and in particular in pursuit of one’s career, being in the top tier pays.

Fly safe, and submit your application!

Craig Pieper

SOURCEAero Crew News, November 2018
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Craig Pieper
Craig Pieper is the Publisher and Founder of Aero Crew News. Craig is responsible for the content, website design and organization of the material and people producing the material for the magazine. Craig obtained his Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science, along with a minor in Aviation Weather, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2001. Craig is also a First Officer for a major airline with a type rating in the Boeing 737 & Embraer 145 and has logged over 8,000 hours of flying time since his introductory flight on November 14th, 1992. Please feel free to reach out to Craig and maybe your email will make it in the next issue under the "Letter To The Publisher" section of Aero Crew News.


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